About Us

The Builder’s Merchant Careers site is an online platform designed to cater to professionals who have an interest in the merchant industry.

This platform specialises in research and information about merchant organisations, courses, and other related topics. Since Covid-19, the demand for online merchants has been growing tremendously. Here is a taste of what readers might find on this platform.

Online Merchants

Find out all the information you need about the growing trend of online merchants. This site explores a series of topics that cover all you need to know about setting up a merchant account online.

Merchant accounts are often well regulated by regulatory authorities like the UK Gambling Commission. This regulatory body ensures that all online gambling portals adhere to the laws of the country. Readers will learn about cyber security and how compliance can prevent sensitive customer information from landing in the wrong hands.

Helpful Websites

Visit the resources page for a list of helpful sites that include more information about the merchant industry. Builder’s Merchant Careers lists websites where readers can continue their journey to learn more about the skills, products, and services that keep the merchant engine running. Find the latest resources and guidance by signing up for a newsletter.

Lifelong Learning

Learn what it takes to become a successful merchant—access articles designed to empower and enrich. A variety of courses and services are available online. Find out how merchants send employees off for courses and training and how these businesses reap the benefits.

Merchant History in the UK

Builder’s Merchant Careers invites readers to learn more about the history of merchants in the UK. Discover stories about traders before World War I and II. Learn more about how traders and merchants established themselves in society more than a hundred years ago.

How much has changed since the rise of the great merchants? Find out how many trading companies survived and how some folded. There are some fascinating facts to explore when taking a closer look at the history of merchants in the UK.

Builder’s Merchant Careers is excited about the future of the merchant industry. It is becoming easier and easier to establish online businesses. It is an exciting time indeed. Readers will gain a lot of insights by accessing the treasure trove of information on this site. Join the journey and become more knowledgeable about the merchant industry.

For all the latest trends and information about the merchant industry, this is the place to be. Never miss a beat and find interesting information daily, or contact us for more details!