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Professional Builders Merchant –

This site explores the competition among leading merchants in the UK. Discover who the top 20 merchants of 2021 are and find out what makes these merchants tick. See how the impact of the pandemic has influenced the UK merchant sector’s largest businesses throughout 2020. Find out about the activities and details behind the numbers.

Business Comparison –

This useful site makes it a little easier to connect with a formidable merchant service by comparing 1000s of businesses in the UK to find the right product or service. This site can be used to find the best merchant services by comparing various payment gateways and other services.

Merchants: making digital human –

This online platform puts the online user experience at the core of its business activities. The site offers courses, careers, and other services led by customer management agents that are professionals in their field of expertise to take a holistic view of a customer’s journey. These professionals aim to develop strategies to stay ahead of online competitors.

Builders‘ Merchants News –

This site features everything from careers, awards, and the latest news happening in the world of the merchant industry. Read the latest about supply chains and the issues that threaten the transport of goods and services. Stay updated with events that host the annual Builders’ Merchant awards.

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